Friday, October 11, 2013

Border suggestions needed

I have been working on my embroidery blocks.  I digitized each month and added color  around them. I set them in a maze type setting with flying geese in matching colors. Now I am trying to figure out what other border to add to the quilt before I quilt it. Any suggestions would be welcome. Thanks

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Flea market quilt and FMQ

I finished up the quilt that I found at the flea market for $5. Since I am trying to learn to fmq I decided this would be a project to practice on. So I turned on Craftsy and listen to Leah Day, Angela Walters and Ann Pederson to see if I could do this on my home machine. It is only a small twin size and it was already pinned and ready to quilt. I found I made a lot of mistakes by looking at the back of it. I had what they called eyelashes every where. I slowed down and that didn't help. I finally changed the upper tension and they disappeared.

After quilting it I found that the back of the quilt should have been a little larger. O well what do I expect from the flea market. Also the quilt was very bumpy in the seams and especially where the pinwheels came together. I am happy with it as my first big project on my home machine.  I have another one just like that that was not pinned to a back. I guess I will make a back for it , add some borders and do some more practicing. The other one is identical to this one and when I get it done I can see if I am improving in my attempts at FMQ. I am going to practice on paper tonight some more designs. Having fun with this. Have a nice day.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Busy as a bee

As you noticed I haven't posted lately. I keep saying that I am going to but then something happens that I don't do what I should. Ever feel that way? Well here is what I have been doing. First up I finished my orders.
A pink pinwheel quilt with satin border and flannel back. I quilted small hearts all over it. I used the satin because I know how babies and children love to feel  it.  I offset each of the four blocks of pinwheels to give it some movement.  Next up I had to make a quilt for a friend and her son has the theme cars in his room.
I made  two piano strips and encased the light color of Cars then added the other fabrics.  I made the back red and black. His room is red, black and grey. I think he will like this.  Next I finished up the sawblade quilt in turquoise and pinks I think it turned out sweet. I put turquoise polka dot fabric on the background.
I told you I have been busy. I caught up with my silo barn blocks with Bee in My Bonnett. I love her projects.
Next I have been busy practicing my free motion quilting. I found a pinwheel top at the flea market. It was pinned together so that someone could quilt it. Everything was there. I decided to practice my quilting on it since it only cost me $5. Quite a bargain don't you think. I will show you photos of it tomorrow.

Have you been following the twisting with the sixties blog hop. They are doing a terrific job of using colorful batiks and the projects are really groovy.  I just put up the link on the sidebar for the hop Madame Samm is doing a terrific job of promoting it as usual. She has a new logo and it is really neat. Go check it out!!!!Thats it for today. Have a fun day.