Friday, August 23, 2013

Please Vote

Today I spent the day with my husband.  He wanted to weed out some of the flower gardens. I think it was around 90degrees outside.  I was going to get in the pool but I decided just to help him out.  He picked a red rose and put it on the kitchen table to surprise me when I was not looking. Gotta love that guy.  While he was napping I went up and cleaned up my studio where I quilt. Tomorrow I will take some photos of it. He started fixing up the attic of the garage when he was stronger and it is not finished yet  but I still work up there.  I love that he tried to get it done before his health started failing. I am always excited when he feels like getting up  and going outside.  As you who have read my blog know my husband has terminal cancer. I am trying to win a cruise to the Bahamas  while he is still able to go.  I have posted the link and tomorrow is the last day to vote. Please help us to win this cruise. I need all the votes that I can get today and tomorrow. Here is the link.
 I want to thank each and every one that votes for us.   Thanks for listening. Tomorrow I will post some photos of my studio.


  1. I voted. May you are your husband win your dream cruise ... Pat